Inhalation Sedation – Parent Information

Your child has been offered inhalation sedation in order to make their dental treatment more acceptable and to alleviate any anxiety they may have about dental treatment. Inhalation sedation is a simple alternative to general anaesthetic and uses Nitrous oxide and oxygen to relax young patients.

Inhalation sedation does not put your child to sleep but simply relaxes your child and reduces the discomfort of treatment. Inhalation sedation is most suitable for anxious young patients or where extensive treatment may be required. The complete procedure involves the following steps which apply to all young patients referred for inhalation sedation.

  1. An initial assessment is carried out to meet the child and assess their suitability for sedation. This is a very informal chat with your child and a dental examination. At this time the dentist will discuss the best approach for completing any required treatment.
  2. On most occasions inhalation sedation will be carried out at the first visit to acclimatise your child or to complete some treatment. Inhalation sedation takes approximately 30 minutes after which your child will feel perfectly normal and hopefully happy that they have completed some dental treatment.
  3. The use of inhalation sedation does not allow all treatment to be completed in one session and treatment will be carried out in a method best suited to your child. The most common approach is to begin treatment with the most straight forward treatment working up to things which may be more difficult to tolerate. At the first visit the full treatment plan will be discussed with you.
  4. Inhalation sedation is suitable for approximately 80% of nervous young patients, however in some cases due to a very young age or poor co-operation it is not suitable for all patients. If this is the case for your child this will be discussed with you and alternative arrangements for treatment will be made.
  5. If your child has a cold or blocked nose in the days before an appointment it would be best to contact the clinic to rearrange an appointment . A clear airway is essential for inhalation sedation.
  6. Before your childs first assessment appointment it is best to tell them that we will be checking their teeth and may be using some ‘laughing gas’. Also, if your child has any CD they like to play they can bring this along to their visit.
  7. If you have any queries about your childs treatment please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.
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