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Many patients are apprehensive about visiting the dentist; in fact it is very often the reason why they may not have been in a very long time. If the sight of needles, and the smells, sounds and tastes associated with many dental procedures make you very nervous, then sedation dentistry might be of benefit to you..

At Crescent Dental we offer both intravenous and inhalation sedation.  Intravenous sedation used to create a carefully controlled, dream like state of deep relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure. Inhalation sedation can be used for both adult and paediatric patients to provide anxiety relief for the duration of treatment without deep sedation.

Dr. Miriam Quilty has been treating very anxious patients for over 10 years and is currently completing a postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation at Trinity College Dublin.

What is Intravenous Sedation?

Intravenous Midaziolam sedation is administered through a cannula (small needle) in the arm or hand to create a state of deep, calm relaxation for the duration of your dental procedure.

You receive the same treatment as you would with traditional dentistry, but it is carried out while you are in a relaxed state . You may be somewhat aware of what is going on around you, and you will be able to answer when spoken to  but you will be relaxed throughout your appointment. Your respiration, heart rate and blood pressure  will be monitored continuously throughout your sedation appointment.

After the Procedure

When you wake up you will usually have no memory of your dental treatment, and it will feel like no time has passed. You will just feel like you’ve had a deep and satisfying sleep, with no pain, no discomfort and no fear.  In addition, the recovery time is shorter than with general anaesthesia, typically lasting less than one hour after your treatment is complete.

Additional Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Because you will be comfortable and free of anxiety, we can work even more efficiently and for a longer period than usual, often accomplishing in a single visit what might normally require multiple visits, such as placement of multiple fillings, or a combination of different treatments. This also makes sedation an ideal choice for people who prefer to undergo complex procedures in one visit, instead of having them spread out over several appointments. In addition, people who experience a strong gag reflex (which tends to interfere with dental treatment) will be freed from the problem, since such reflexes will be signifcantly reduced during intravenous Midazolam sedation.

Who Is a Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

People who have…

  • High fear
  • A past history of difficult dental procedures
  • An unpleasant childhood memory of dentistry
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems

Will I be unconscious?

No, you will be in a deeply relaxed state, but you will be able to respond. Time will appear to go very quickly and an hour of treatment will appear to take about 10 minutes.

Will I be monitored?

Yes, at least two members of our team are always with you and your vital signs are monitored during the entire visit. You are never alone.

How long will I be asleep?

Depending on your needs, about an hour.

Will someone need to come with me?

Yes, due to the after effects of the sedation, you will need someone to drive you home from our clinic and also to stay with you and mind you for the rest of the day.

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